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“Alison’s workshop was comprehensive, useful, practical and well-paced.”

Training is a great way to discuss ideas and differing view points, identify opportunities and challenges, motivate, brainstorm, educate, and eat a lot of biscuits. 

Training on offer includes:

  • Kickstart – designed to challenge your existing thinking and help you be strategically bold.
  • Culture – focuses on how your communications connect with your employees.
  • Content – helps you rethink what content you are putting out into the world and why!
  • Audacious audit – looks at all your assets – both digital and traditional mediums – and has you justify their who, what and why.
  • Storytelling – teaches you how to tell good stories, why they are important and where you find them.
  • Intensive -for managers, business owners, authors, CEOs, thought leaders, marketing managers, in fact anybody who wants to understand how social works in just two hours – including strategic implementation, risk management, impact on employee culture, personal branding and more.
  • Risk and Social Media – this is for the people who don’t want to think about risk. A good risk management strategy should be an essential part of social strategy.

I am also happy to provide bespoke workshops on a subject of your choice.

Unless it’s sport. I really know nothing about sport.

    Straightforward, engaging and easy to follow! Alison trained my team and I in the ‘art and science’ of LinkedIn. Brilliant training session from someone who knew how to get to the point. Alison was all over the topic, very quick to answer questions and provided insights into our marketing content we hadn’t thought of. I’d highly recommend Alison.

    Raeleen Robertson

    Founder and Managing Director, Mettro

    Alison worked with us for about 8 months mentoring us as part of the Hancock Creative Gain and Retain Program. She is a real character! We were very grateful for her support, fresh ideas, creativity, hilarious jokes and solid experience. I would definitely recommend her for help with social media strategy and planning.

    Kate Efrat

    Marketing Manager, Sydney Jewish Museum

    We flew Alison to Brisbane to run a half day session for us on our LinkedIn profiles. We wanted to know how to maximise our profiles and incorporate the different businesses and projects that we each manage. Alison’s workshop was comprehensive, useful, practical and well-paced. Alison knows her stuff and easily answered all the random off-the-cuff questions we threw at her. I’d highly recommend her if you are confused about how to wrangle LinkedIn. Now to work on that ‘five minutes a day’ LinkedIn habit and make the changes she suggested!

    Gillian Moody

    Marketing and Digital Specialist

    Highly recommend working with Alison as a coach, it’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, her insights have challenged and supported me to grow and to achieve some tough KPIs I had set for the organisation and personally.

    Cath Cooksley-Little

    General Manager - Marketing, Communications and Tourism, Pacific Trade Invest

    As a person and as a mentor, Alison is one of the most authentic and exemplary individuals I have ever met. Her calm, practical and professional advice has been a guiding light for me on more than one occasion – helping us navigate our way through some fairly challenging times. Beyond her obvious skills in the digital media space, she is also a person you can easily trust and connect with on a personal level. Her sense of humour is matched only by her passion, and I am grateful for the wisdom she has imparted.

    Renee Anschau

    Head of Marketing and Fundraising, The Children's Tumour Foundation