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“I admire her tenacity, her integrity, and her ability
to affect change and engagement on issues that matter.”

A strategy is simply the roadmap for achieving your objectives.

It’s not a road trip though. Road trips by definition are unplanned, unstructured and generally end up with somebody getting arrested or nude.

A strategy identifies who your target audiences are, where they are engaging, how they are engaging and what kind of content and information is going to assist them in choosing, and championing YOU.

It’s the plan behind what you you are doing with your marketing and communications both on and offline, how it helps you achieve your business objectives and all the minutiae in between.

Success happens when you have a good plan, an empowered team and you let the empowered team follow the plan. So a strategy is never just about “doing” – it’s about BEING in a way that positively contributes to your objectives, creates meaningful connections with your customers and helps build your business.

 A good strategy will amplify the brand experience for a customer, driving them to your product and services in ways that resonate with them personally. And it will allow you to learn more about your customer, what they think of you and what they value.

Best of all – all my strategies come with a no nudity guarantee.

In an increasingly complex marketing world, where conversations about a brand can start anywhere and involve influencers of all types, the expertise that Alison brings to the table is increasingly important.

Her passion and drive played a big part bringing digital and social-media platforms to the fore in our business, thus enabling exchange of ideas and the ever valuable word-of-mouth activity.

Stephen D

Transformation Director

Alison has been great to work with across our campaigns. She’s always extremely responsive, attentive and proactive in her approach.

It would be a pleasure to work alongside her again in the future.

Martin S

Business Director, J Walter Thompson