How prepared are you for the unexpected?

Risk Management

Risk is simply an event which has the potential to impact your business and your objectives. It can be positive. It can be negative.  What matters is how prepared you are for the unexpected.

Which is where all those years I spent in the Scouts pay off because I can help you ‘be prepared’. It is also where my overactive imagination and over thinking come into their own as we prepare for things you haven’t even thought of.

A good risk management strategy is an essential part of your social which protects not only your business, but the people responsible for being your first responders online.

I also provide crisis consultations for businesses that didn’t have a risk management strategy in place and would like some urgent advice.

As a person and as a mentor, Alison is one of the most authentic and exemplary individuals I have ever met. Her calm, practical and professional advice has been a guiding light for me on more than one occasion – helping us navigate our way through some fairly challenging times. Beyond her obvious skills in the digital media space, she is also a person you can easily trust and connect with on a personal level. Her sense of humour is matched only by her passion, and I am grateful for the wisdom she has imparted.

Renee Anschau

Head of Marketing and Fundraising, The Children's Tumour Foundation

Alison is very knowledgable and extremely professional in her approach to tailor her guidance specific to your needs. I could not recommend her highly enough. If your considering her services, don’t hesitate, she’s fantastic.

Robert Bagala

Owner, First National Real Estate - Hunters Hill, Ryde and Gladesville