It’s about your audience. What do they care about?

Content and Copy

Content isn’t about you, your brand, your products, or your services. It’s about your audience. What do they care about? This is why content is everything – it is what is on your website, it’s your pictures, your videos, your games, your apps, your copy, your newsletters, your podcasts, your articles, your white papers, your product demonstrations, your…. well I think you get the picture.

Content is about creating a connection between you and your audience. The difference between good content and great content is knowing what you are trying to achieve with each piece of content you are putting out in the world.

Content is also a lot like a pineapple.  Until you break it apart and work out how to feed it to people, it can just be a heavy and somewhat inaccessible thing. Once you’ve broken it down, then you work out how people like to consume it. Do the like it on a pizza? In a pina colada? On a burger? In a salad? Straight from the tin? Do they not like pineapple at all? It’s all still pineapple, just delivered in different mediums to make it easy for people to consume.  Get it?

I have been lucky enough to work with Alison across a number of projects throughout the last five years and have found her to be a highly articulate communicator. She has a flare for putting words next to each other to communicate an idea and a fantastic ability to bring new ideas to the table. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for your next project.

James Harvey-Fiander

Marketing and Customer Success Director

Alison has been a regular guest writer for us and I’ve been a fan of her writing at Talking Frankly for a few years now. She is a skilful writer and is brilliant at conveying complex social issues in a relatable and compassionate way. I admire her tenacity, her integrity and her ability to affect change and engagement on issues that matter. I wish I could work with a hundred more Alisons.

Carolyn Tate

Director, Champagne Cartel Media