“Highly recommend working with Alison as a coach”


This is for managers, business owners, authors, CEOs, thought leaders, marketing managers, in fact anybody who wants to understand how social works – including strategic implementation, risk management, impact on employee culture, personal branding and more. 


I’m an accredited career coach via Glow-Up Careers.  It’s for individuals looking to prepare for their next step in life and wanting support in updating resumes and being across the most effective ways of using digital to find the perfect job for them. 

Risk and Social Media

This is for the people who don’t want to think about risk. Risk is simply an event which has the potential to impact your business and your objectives. It can be positive. It can be negative.  A good risk management strategy is an essential part of your social which protects not only your business, but the people responsible for being your first responders online.

I also provide crisis consultations for businesses that didn’t have a risk management strategy in place and would like some urgent advice.

Alison Hallworth is the ultimate adviser on all things social media and communication. Initially, she was my mentor through the Hancock Gain and Retain Program, but she became far more than that to me personally, and to the charity I founded. She took our publicity and reach to a whole new level which resulted in life changing fundraising achievements during the challenging time of Covid-19. Her dedication and energy is contagious. After a meeting with Alison our productivity went through the roof. She is an innovative and original thinker, coming up with ideas that showcased the story of the charity and attracted new interest and donors. Alison connected me to other agencies and individuals who could assist my cause. She is an entertaining and informative speaker and has spoken at many events I have attended. I highly recommend Alison and hope to continue to collaborate with her in the future. She has helped me to literally save lives.

Tamara Sloper-Harding OAM

Founder, Friends of Soibada

Highly recommend working with Alison as a coach, it’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, her insights have challenged and supported me to grow and to achieve some tough KPIs I had set for the organisation and personally.

Cath Cooksley-Little

General Manager - Marketing, Communications and Tourism, Pacific Trade Invest

Alison worked with us for about 8 months mentoring us as part of the Hancock Creative Gain and Retain Program. She is a real character! We were very grateful for her support, fresh ideas, creativity, hilarious jokes and solid experience. I would definitely recommend her for help with social media strategy and planning.

Kate Efrat

Marketing Manager, Sydney Jewish Museum